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When facing a financial crisis, you need a professional to walk you through the legal process.



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Bankruptcy Law

Getting Through Hard Financial Times

When you are in financial trouble and want to start anew, Thomas F. Tierney is the Peachtree City, GA, bankruptcy lawyer you need.

With years of experience, we will walk you through the complicated process and focus on finding the right solution to your financial troubles.

We will not only file the correct paperwork but also explain in easy-to-understand language the complex terms and different types of filings that are available to you.

Beginning with an initial petition by the debtor, a business or an individual, the process is typically quick, generally resolving itself within a few months. It is designed to help people like you keep their homes or cars, stop wage garnishment, and reduce, or possibly eliminate, mounting credit card bills.

However, you need a trained professional to guide you through the sometimes lengthy and intimidating process. Plus, it is better to act sooner than later.

Bankruptcy Services

We will file all the correct petitions and documents with the proper courts on your behalf

We will negotiate with all your bill collectors, credit agencies, and any other creditors

If necessary, we will argue your case in court

We will help you reclaim financial control of your life

In fact, we will help you start over


Don't tackle such a complex legal issue on your own. Contact Thomas F. Tierney for your Coweta & Fayette County bankruptcy lawyer needs.


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Don't wait to set up an appointment. The sooner you call, the faster we can start working for you. Time is typically an important factor in reaching the solution you desire. So contact a Coweta & Fayette County bankruptcy lawyer at the law firm of Thomas F. Tierney, Attorney at Law.


Bankruptcy Attorney

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Bankruptcy Attorney


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