Father’s Rights

I understand the importance of kids having a strong father figure in their lives. I know this as a dad. It is crucial for children to have an involved father figure. In today’s society, the traditional roles of men working and women staying at home to care for the children are no longer the norm. […]

How Much Does a Divorce Cost

According to USA Today, the average divorce in Georgia ranges from $14,700 without children and $22,000.00 with children. https://www.withevident.com/family-matters/cost-of-divorce-in-ga We usually charge a $5,000.00 retainer and bill against that retainer at the rate of $350.00 per hour for attorney time. You are also charged for the costs incurred, such as filing fees and court reporter […]

How to Win your Divorce

I’ve never had a happy couple get a divorce. Most folks have been in a lot of pain for years before they pull the plug on a dead relationship. My goal as your attorney is to get your case resolved as quickly and as fairly as possible. It has been said that the only real […]

Why You Should use a Local Attorney for Your Divorce or Family Law Matter

You are looking for an attorney to represent you in your divorce. Your family tells you about a lawyer they used in Atlanta who has a great reputation and a large firm. Do you follow their advice?   There are many great big firm family law attorneys in Atlanta who can do a great job for […]

Tips about your testimony at a Divorce/Family Law hearing

If you have a contested hearing and are scheduled to go before a Superior Court Judge you need to prepare yourself for your testimony. What generally happens in Fayette and Coweta County is that your judge has trial dates for civil cases such as divorces each month. You may be one of many cases scheduled […]

The Most Important Document in Your Divorce- the Financial Affidavit

The ultimate question in most divorces is “How Much?”. How much am I going to get in child support? How much am I going to pay in alimony? How much of my 401k am I going to lose? While behavior during the marriage can be considered by the Judge in determining property division and in […]

The Advantage of Hiring a Local Divorce Attorney

“Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, Know when to run” Divorce litigation is not unlike poker: Smart players know the odds and play the odds. The advantage of having a local attorney with experience is that they have had enough cases and gossip enough with their fellow lawyers to know fairly […]

Property Division in a Divorce

When you get divorced in Georgia your property will be divided “fairly”, or, to use the legal term, “equitably”. Some states simply divide property “equally”, 50/50, without concern about whether this is fair or not. The Court will look to the various contributions in the marriage as well as behavior during the marriage. This all […]

Domestic Violence and Temporary Protective Orders

If you are in an emotionally and physically abusive marriage, leaving the marriage can be the most dangerous action you can take. You may not have money as your spouse took it all, or you may not have a place to go or even a car to drive. The Family Violence protection act allows you […]

What Do We Do About Debt in Our Divorce?

Often in a divorce the biggest issue is division of debts. Debt is treated very similarly to what happens to assets in a divorce; they get divided fairly. The Court typically look towards several factors in assessing debt, including in whose name is the debt, what was the debt incurred for, and what is the […]