How Much Does a Divorce Cost

According to USA Today, the average divorce in Georgia ranges from $14,700 without children and $22,000.00 with children.

We usually charge a $5,000.00 retainer and bill against that retainer at the rate of $350.00 per hour for attorney time. You are also charged for the costs incurred, such as filing fees and court reporter bills. A simple uncontested divorce we charge $2,000.00 without children and $2,500.00 with children. Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, needed to divide some pensions and 401ks, we charge $1,000.00.

You have a great deal of control of the cost of your divorce. Always remember that you are being charged for phone calls and emails, so it is best to organize your calls and emails to specific legal questions. The more issues you resolve by agreement the better. For example, it is usually a waste of money to fight over “pots and pans” when there are two (2) lawyers charging $350.00 an hour each. You can buy a lot of pots and pans with that kind of money.

We always bill fairly and try to keep costs down whenever possible. As an experienced attorney, I can usually provide guidance as to which issues are worth fighting over and which are not worth fighting over.